Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I’m feeling a bit nostalgic at the moment, so I decided to make a little treat for dessert. Back when I was living in Pietermaritzburg (in South Africa) my best friend Jade and I liked nothing better on a hot summers day than to pop down to Rosehurst for some rose iced tea and Eton mess. Wow, what a treat! First, you need to see Rosehurst to understand the attraction...

One of the rooms in the house than was converted into a shop

The cafe part of the shop

The verandah leading onto the back garden

The view of the house from the country gardens

Rosehurst is honestly the most delightful little tea garden and 'things' shop. They sell the most beautiful handmade things, from jewellery, to baked good, to fabric and vintage teacups. It's amazing! And the food is to die for! Just to give you an idea, here's a sneak peek at their menu... All the photos of Rosehurst are courtesy of Ninene at Lily and Rose 1126.

Now imagine it's a hot summers day and the flowers are all blooming and you can smell the cut grass. Add a bowl of Eton mess and a cool, fragrant rose iced tea. See the appeal? Gosh I miss it : (

Photos courtesy of Room for Dessert and Jamie Oliver

Well friends, I must be off. Got some yummy dessert waiting for me... and some textbooks staring! Spot you soon

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