Saturday, 4 May 2013

101 in 1001

Right, so first of all, sorry it's been ages since I've posted! I guess life just got away with me. I took on a new role at work, and let's just say it's kept me very busy...

I've been doing the Day Zero Project since 1 January 2012. It's basically a list of 101 goals or challenges to complete in 1001 days (ends up being 2.75 years). I'd post my entire list, but I think you'd probably be bored stiff. So instead, since I've been a little useless and not really ticked off many goals, I'll take after Emily from Em for Marvelous and break it up into little manageable lists. She's amazing and makes everything seem so effortless.

Anyway, without further ado, here's my list for May...

- No 3. Start and keep a bible verse journal
- No 34. Stop biting/grow my nails - I'm attempting to do this by rubbing cuticle balm into my cuticles, trimming the
  pokey bits and putting hand cream on every night before bed. So far so good!
- No 62. Visit the South Island
- No 65. Visit the Lord of The Rings film locations (nos 9 Queenstown region, 13 Arrowtown Reserve and 18
- No 67. See the Nutcracker ballet
- No 73. Clean out and organise my room
- No 85. Learn how to French plait my hair

I can't remember who's photo this, but pretty sure I got it off flickr.

We're going to Queenstown at the end of May : ) Weeeeee! So that should sort out numbers 62 and 65. I'm so excited I can hardly wait. I may or may not (I'm not admitting anything) have already made a packing list for our 4 day trip. Ha ha ha.

Spot you soon

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